Amy and Ryan’s wedding day was finally here! The day started when we met up with Amy after she finished getting her hair done at the salon. Amy’s girls helped her into her wedding dress and made sure that every detail was perfect…except they forgot the rings. Actually, they didn’t forget the rings, they just […]

I love getting to see “my munchkins” grow up throughout the years. I had the awesome opportunity to photograph Miss P and her parents a few weeks ago and WOW! She had changed SO much from a year ago. I seriously could not believe it. Here’s a picture of her from a year ago so […]

I love these two munchkins. Lets just put that out there. These guys are like two peas in a pod, and always complete goofballs. I always look forward to their sessions so much because 1. The boys are just great, 2. We laugh tons, and 3. I love getting to hang out with their mom […]

Brothers in matching superhero capes

My assistant and I arrived at the Concorde Inn shortly before the ceremony was set to begin. I saw Minki standing off to the side…. I asked him if he was nervous. His reply? “No, I’ve been waiting for this day my whole life…” Minki and Jia were married on a crazy hot Tuesday afternoon. […]