I got to spend the afternoon with Mister ‘M’ and his parents the other day. His parents were an absolute blast to hang out with throughout the session and were just neat, good people. We got the opportunity to talk quite a bit because Mister ‘M’ was determined to stay in mom’s arms as much […]

What can I say? I met the ‘S’ family when I was first starting to expand my photography business outside of just photographing weddings. A friend from high school had referred them to me, and a new, great friendship began. I’ve been blessed to photograph them over the years, since Miss ‘S’ was a little […]

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…that you just captured a shot that will be used by her parents in the years to come to relentlessly tease ¬†Miss ‘S’ when meeting future boyfriends. I know my parents have a bunch of utterly embarrassing but pretty cute photos of when I was younger that they’ve pulled out over the years in front […]