We had perfect weather for an afternoon session at Wolcott Mills Metropark, which was perfect because we had already rescheduled one due to the crazy Michigan weather. Miss J and Miss E were absolutely delightful! The girls started the session in matching outfits,and while the little one crawled around exploring everywhere, her big sister looked […]

What can I say? I met the ‘S’ family when I was first starting to expand my photography business outside of just photographing weddings. A friend from high school had referred them to me, and a new, great friendship began. I’ve been blessed to photograph them over the years, since Miss ‘S’ was a little […]

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…that you just captured a shot that will be used by her parents in the years to come to relentlessly tease ¬†Miss ‘S’ when meeting future boyfriends. I know my parents have a bunch of utterly embarrassing but pretty cute photos of when I was younger that they’ve pulled out over the years in front […]