Minki + Jia ~ Concorde Inn of Clinton Township

My assistant and I arrived at the Concorde Inn shortly before the ceremony was set to begin. I saw Minki standing off to the side…. I asked him if he was nervous. His reply? “No, I’ve been waiting for this day my whole life…”

Minki and Jia were married on a crazy hot Tuesday afternoon. When I had asked them why they decided on a Tuesday, Jia told me that her mother had told her that the date was a Chinese auspicious wedding date. Their wedding was a small, intimate gathering of what you could immediately tell were their very dearest friends and family. Afterwards, we snuck outside for a quick portrait session before heading back in to mingle with guests and have dinner.

The evening was filled with so much love and laughter, and tons of dancing. Minki and Jia are a match made in heaven-You just had to look at them to see the love between them. Jia even got a chance to talk to her mother in China over Facetime and I was able to flip through some of the photos on the back of my camera for her to see. You have to love technology! Thanks for an incredible evening you guys!

Images from a wedding at The Concorde Inn, Clinton Twp.

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