Miss ‘I’ Turns One! ~ Patterson Park, Grosse Pointe Park

I had the pleasure of meeting this little cutie the other day. Miss ‘I’ was celebrating turning one at Patterson Park with her parents. We had a great session-She was so happy to be out and about and actually got to experience grass for the first time while we were out! You should have seen the look on her face when her mom set her down in the grass…It was an adorable look of utter confusion.

Near the end of the session her parents pulled out a mini cake for her to smash. Wearing a Happy Birthday hat and adorable pink tutu, she hesitantly started to explore the frosting on the cake. You know those photos of the one-year olds that dig into their cake? Yeah, not this one. She was a perfect lady about the whole cake smash thing…until daddy helped her out a bit by smashing her hand down right smack dab in the middle of the cake and smearing her hand onto her face a bit! Thanks for the perfect session guys!

Pictures of little girl turning one year old

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