Fall Family Session ~ Rochester Municipal Park, Rochester

I first met the Jarzab family when their son was still a little kiddo and before their youngest was born. It’s crazy how fast the kids are growing up! We had our latest session together at Rochester Municipal Park in Rochester, MI. Their oldest, Miss A, is a little “mini-me” of her mom, looks wise, and it’s absolutely hilarious watching her interact with her younger siblings. She definitely has the older sister thing down. She was schooling her little brother on how to act properly for the photos during our session. Seriously, ridiculously adorable. The other two…well, let me tell you about them! Mister D is a ball full of energy, let me tell you! Don’t let his adorable preppy outfit fool you-All he wanted to do was play! He wanted to get the darn pictures over with as quickly as possible so he could go play on the playground and throw the leaves on the ground around.

Their youngest, Miss S, was just happy. Seriously. She just was happy to be there and pretty much had a perma-grin on her face the entire time. She made my job so easy! She was just so happy to be walking around in the leaves and playing with her siblings. The last time I saw her was when she was just born. What a beauty she’s growing up to be! I always love my time with these guys and I am totally looking forward to the next time I get to photograph them!

Thank you once again for the wonderful session and I hope you enjoy your photos!


family session at Rochester Municipal Park

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