Jay + Liz ~ Alexander’s, Marysville

When I first met Liz, it was like finding a long lost friend. We just clicked and I think that initial meeting that we had to talk about her upcoming wedding to Jay lasted probably double as long what my typical initial consultations last. We were just chatting away…I think I had two super large coffees that afternoon sitting there with her. This. Girl. Rocks. We collectively decided that we were going to be friends. Yes, Liz is as weird and goofy as I am, and I loved it! I was so excited to be part of their big day.

Fast forward to their wedding – It was a beautiful day and the crazy Michigan fall weather held out for us! We (my wonderful assistant Michelle and I) met up with Liz and her girls at the Hampton Inn in Port Huron where they were getting ready. Liz had her wedding dress hanging as we entered the room and let me tell you, it was breathtaking! Liz was so laid back that getting her into her dress and all of her jewelry, etc. was a breeze. We took a quick trip to Pine Grove Park for the girls pictures and a few family portraits and then I headed off to meet up with the guys for pictures before the ceremony.

Jay & Liz’s ceremony and reception were both at Alexander’s in Marysville. We met the guys there and took some pictures before the ceremony and then…Jay and Liz made it OFFICIAL! After the ceremony, we drove to a nice spot on River Rd. that overlooked the St. Clair River and took our bridal party photos and then headed back to Alexander’s for dinner and dancing. It was a memorable evening and I couldn’t be happier for Jay and Liz.

Congratulations you two!


Wedding pictures in Marysville

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