Mister C ~ Mini Lifestyle Session, Macomb

Picture time with Mister C! I absolutely love this handsome little man. This is another one of those cases where I have been so blessed to have become friends with my clients over time. Like honest to goodness, lets go out and have a girls night friends. I first met Mister C and his parents, Kirstie and Daniel, when they booked me to photograph some newborn photos at their house a few years back. I liked them immediately. They reminded me of Paul and I-You know, down to earth goofballs. This last time that I photographed Mister C, his mom and I decided that we needed to get together once things slowed down a little bit.

Anyways, I come over to their new (beautiful) house for a quick mini session. The goal? To get a few pictures for Christmas cards. We succeeded and then some. Mister C showed me around his new place and then showed me some of his super cool toys. My favorite part? The epic modeling of some of his glasses. What a ham! Afterwards we got bundled up and ran out into the backyard for a few photos. It was pretty chilly outside even though there wasn’t any snow on the ground, so we didn’t stay outside for too long.

A few weeks later I had just walked in with the mail after work, like I do every day. I’m one of those weirdos that enjoy getting the mail. Paul thinks I’m crazy, but what can I say? I’ve always looked forward to seeing what came that day. Anyways, I was so excited when I opened up the mail that day and saw the Christmas card that they had made from the mini-session! I absolutely loved it!!

So Kirstie, lets put something on the calendar. Drinks or dinner??


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