Dan + Jessica Married! ~ Century Club, Sterling Heights

bride and groom on wedding day

Dan and Jessica. Jessica and Dan. These two are seriously a PERFECT match. I mean it. The two of them together just make sense. These two are both so laid back and easygoing it’s not even funny. Oh, and did I mention that they are both goofy as hell? They told me that they didn’t want the more traditional photos-They wanted goofiness to reflect their personality and their bridal parties demeanor. Fun? Check. Goofy? Check. Absolutely memorable? Double check. We pulled it all off and more because they were just SO easygoing and the timetable of their wedding day allowed for us to take our time and get tons of photos!

We started the day off at Jessica’s parents house. Her sister Suzanne was of course, her Matron of Honor. Suzanne, along with the rest of Jessica’s bridesmaids, helped her get ready. Jessica’s parents and grandma where there as well, which made this a pretty darn emotional moment when Jessica walked out in her wedding gown and her dad saw her for the first time, as I’m sure you can imagine. I think everyone in the room teared up a bit.

Their ceremony was at St. Malachy Catholic Church in Sterling Heights and we went to Dodge Park, via 7-11 searching for a Vernors Slurpee, afterwards for some fun pictures. The mosquitoes were out in fully force. For real. I think that the ten of us that were out there each had at least a dozen skeeter bites to deal with later that evening. BUT, the pictures were so worth it! Everyone had fun (at least I think they did) and Dan and Jessica were super happy with their photographs! Afterwards we all headed to the Century Club for their reception. Theirs was a perfect reception. Completely and wholly. From the heartfelt speeches to the delicious dinner, from the elegant first dance to the lighting of the lanterns at the end of the night-It was just perfect.

I wish these two every bit of happiness in the world and I’m so glad that they asked me to be such a big part of their special day!

Wedding St. Malachy
first kiss St. Malachy
Grooms walking St. Malachy

Groom with sunglasses
bride groom dodge park

bride on wedding day
bride groom at Dodge Park
bride groom on bridge
girls bridal party dodge park
bride with wedding bouquet
bride and groomsmen laughing

groom with gils looking at wedding ring

girls bridal party
bride and groom on wedding day
wedding rings with flowers
wedding first dance century club

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