The beach, strawberries and a birthday girl ~ Metro Beach, Harrison Twp.

Girl eating strawberry

It was a perfect afternoon for a session at the beach. The sun was shining, the flowers were in bloom and the beach looked inviting. I was looking around Metro Beach  (a.k.a. Lake St. Clair Metropark) near the area where I was supposed to meet Miss I and her parents. I spotted the most adorable little girl walking in the distance with her parents. I was so surprised when, as they got closer, I real that the little girl was Miss I! Wow, had she grown so much in the past year! Her parents wanted to get a few family photos, but what they wanted most were photos of Miss I. We started off in her teal and white striped dress and headed off to the beach to have some fun. Miss I quickly decided that she wanted to explore and transfer sand from one spot to another, which was cool with us! Hey, she had a plan. While we may not have know what it was, she looked darn cute doing it!

After a bit of time down by the beach, Miss I got changed into her strawberry dress to get ready for her birthday pictures. She was turning two! I had spotted sunflowers in bloom near the nature center on the way in and figured that would be the perfect place for our next photos. We headed over there and her parents set the scene up-They had the most adorable strawberry hat, real strawberries and red balloons! I just adored the photos of her in her strawberry hat and I think by the end of the session, Miss I was ready for a nap-I know I was. It was pretty darn hot out that day and that’s enough to poop anyone out!

Girl at Beach

Girl playing with stick in stand

Girl with shovel

Little girl holding hands with parents

Little girl in sunflowers

Girl eating strawberry

Sunflower girl eating strawberry

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