A Family Session at the Packard Proving Grounds + Heritage Gardens

boy behind mom

What can I say about these guys? These kids have my heart and their parents are amazing as well. I met these guys when I was first switching from just photographing wedding to also photographing portraits and seniors. I met Beth, the kids mom, through a mutual friend from high school. The littlest one wasn’t a twinkle in his parents eyes and their daughter was about a year old. I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to photograph their family as it’s grown from three to four and every session seems to get better and better. I’ve also made great new friends that I’ve been lucky enough to hang out with outside of my work time.

Let me tell you a little bit about these guys. Beth and Josh (a.k.a. Mom and Dad) are just great people. They’re the kind of people that make you want to be an even better person than you are because they are A. hard workers and B. amazing parents that go the extra mile for their kiddos. The kids…oh these kids…Miss S. is the most loving, caring little woman who loves her brother to no end. Mister B is a little stinker that is smart beyond he young years. Seriously. He is so young but it’s so easy to see an old soul in him. He’s ridiculously intelligent and you can tell it just by watching him. Miss S on the other hand is just a perfect little lady and has a lot of her mom in her. She’s so patient and caring, it’s unbelievable for a girl of her age. I just hope that one day I have a daughter like her.

Anyways, we had our session at the Packard Proving Grounds in Shelby Twp. and then we went to Heritage Gardens, also in Shelby Twp. We had a blast. We walked around the beautiful grounds at Packard and then walked around the lake at Heritage Gardens. It was a perfect day and well, lunch at Bad Brad’s afterwards kinda rocked too!

boy in tunnel at playground siblings on train boy walking at park family in front of lake boy smiling with mom girl holding dandelions family in front of water tower girl smiling sister and brother boy behind mom boy smiling while hugging mom girl smiling in front of door


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