Troy and Chelsea rock. These two are so much fun and it’s completely obvious that they are perfect for each other. Chelsea is absolutely beautiful, with a personality to match. She’s reminds me of myself: a huge outgoing goofball. Troy on the other hand reminds me of Paul, my hubby. Paul is the logical to my impulsive. Troy and […]

Couple at Stone Wall Van Hoosen

It was time again to photograph these two handsome guys (and their parents) for their annual family pictures! It’s crazy how much their youngest, Mister C, has changed over the past year. He was just as happy as could be during our session and was amazed with all of the leaves and the apples that […]

Brothers at park in the fall

I first met the Jarzab family when their son was still a little kiddo and before their youngest was born. It’s crazy how fast the kids are growing up! We had our latest session together at Rochester Municipal Park in Rochester, MI. Their oldest, Miss A, is a little “mini-me” of her mom, looks wise, […]