Bart + Krystal ~ Club Monte Carlo

Bart + Krystal on their wedding day

Bart and Krystal rock. Seriously. Talk about two of the most laid back, easygoing people I’ve had the privilege to know. My assistant and I started the day off at their house, where Bart and the guys were getting ready. It was a gorgeous day, which was marvelous, especially since they had been calling for rain earlier in the week. After all, this IS Michigan-If you have ever lived here, you know that the weather changes at the drop of a hat and the weatherman is typically wrong, although not lack for tying!

After we got done with the guys, we headed over to Krystal’s moms house to photograph Krystal and the girls. Hair and makeup were finishing up as I photographed the dress and all of the little details (i.e. jewelry, shoes, etc.) and we were ready for Krystal to get into her wedding dress. What I wasn’t expecting was the jewelry that Krystal’s mom gave to her. Some of it was new, but some of it, like her earrings, were family heirlooms and it was pretty darn emotional in that room as her mom gave them to her!

After a beautiful ceremony at Christ Lutheran Church, we headed over to Club Monte Carlo and proceeded to a terrific night of dancing, friend and family, with two special dances: a dance between Krystal and her mom, as well as a dance between Krystal and her brother who was on special leave from the Marines.


Collection of photographs from Bart & Krystal's wedding

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