Rami + Sadiya ~ Walnut Hills Country Club, East Lansing

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Rami and Sadiya for their traditional American wedding reception. They had been married a few days earlier in a traditional Muslim ceremony in Ohio. Talk about an amazing couple. Sadiya looked amazing in her wedding dress, and you could tell Rami was over the moon for his wife (and vice versa). We went to the Botanical Gardens and the State Capitol building for a bridal session before heading back to Walnut Hills Country Club for their reception…and what a reception it was! If you’ve ever attended a Muslim wedding, you’ll know that their traditional gowns are gorgeous-full of vibrant colors and beading and I absolutely love them! Rami and Sadiya, along with their guests danced the evening away, barely stopping for dinner, toasts and cake cutting. It was a wonderful evening with a wonderful couple and a fun, energetic group of their friends and family. Days like this remind me why I love my job so much. To be a part of their big day is just…I don’t even have the words for it!


Walnut Hills, East Lansing wedding pictures

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