Miss P ~ George George Park, Clinton Twp.

I love getting to see “my munchkins” grow up throughout the years. I had the awesome opportunity to photograph Miss P and her parents a few weeks ago and WOW! She had changed SO much from a year ago. I seriously could not believe it. Here’s a picture of her from a year ago so you can see what I mean…


little girl at Yates Cider Mill


Now look at the photos below. See what I mean?!

Anyways, we met up at George George Park one weekend and got to follow Miss P around a bit while she played with her trains and rand around the park. After she got over her initial shyness, she even decided to start dancing and posing for the camera-She was such a ham. She lasted about 45 minutes before she was done. It was hot out and she had decided to stay up during her nap earlier. Yeah, I think she had finally decided that she still DOES actually need those nap things and once again, Mom and Dad DO know best.  I can’t wait to see how much she’s changed again next year!


Two year old pictures at George George Park

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