Catholic Social Services of Wayne County ~ Hotel St. Regis, Detroit

I had the privilege of photographing the 2013 CSSWC Leadership Recognition Dinner recently at the Hotel St. Regis in Detroit. Catholic Social Services of Wayne County (CSSWC) is an amazing organization that helps the residents of Wayne County on a variety of levels.

Catholic Social Services of Wayne County (CSSWC) is a non-profit, private organization which currently provides a full range of human service for everyone from infants to senior citizens. These services are available regardless of age, religious preference, gender, race, disability or economic status.

From their website, here is a listing of all of the programs that they have for individuals:

• Adoption Search
• Program Family Life
• Education Program
• Family Mental Health
• Counseling Services
• Foster Family Care Program
• Foster Grandparent Program
• Literacy Program Michigan
• Prison Re-Entry Abuse
• Initiative Older Adult Program
• Planned Family Respite Care
• Retired and Senior Volunteer Program
• Senior Companion Program
• Substance Abuse Treatment and
•Prevention Programs
• Teen Empowerment Program
• Teen Infant Parenting Services Program
• Victims of Crime Act
• VOICES – Treatment for Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse


Why do I list all of these? Because I can’t stress enough how important their organization is to the people of Wayne County. The 2013 Leadership Recognition Dinner is their annual awards dinner/ceremony thanking those who had made an exceptional difference in the past year. Hearing about what amazing things the award winners are doing for the community was truly inspiring. These individuals are an integral part of the community and have really made a difference in so many peoples lives. Congratulations to you all!

CSSWC also announced that after many years as Catholic Social Services of Wayne County, they were changing their name to Community Social Services of Wayne County, to better identify with their mission to help the “community.”

If you are interested in making a donation to CSSWC, please Contact them directly.

CSSWC event at Hotel St. Regis Detroit

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