Miss A ~ Studio Session, Macomb

I had the opportunity to photograph Miss A a little while ago. The weather had started changing and since we weren’t sure how cold and rainy it would be, as well as the fact that Miss A isn’t walking yet, we decided to make the session into a studio session at my place. Miss A’s whole family came along, which gave us some great opportunities for family photos. In addition, her mom, dad and sister all got the chance to take turns getting a few photos with her.

I swear, Miss A poses. I mean, seriously poses. She loved smiling for the camera and was as happy as could be throughout the session…except for when the magnetic earrings that she had been wearing started to come off. At that point, she was VERY vocal about letting her mom know that she wanted them off IMMEDIATELY. After we got her earrings off, she went back to being super-happy-little-person!

I can’t wait to see Miss A and her family again – Her first birthday is coming up in April!

Little girl in Macomb studio

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