Miss S and Mister B Holiday Photographs ~ Studio Session, Macomb

Siblings dressed for Christmas sitting on a bed

I thought I’d make the blog post for today a little Christmas-ey. How lucky am I that I got to photograph Miss S and Mister B twice this year?! Their mom wanted to get some photos for Christmas cards. I think Miss S just saw it as another excuse to show off her new outfits! Who am I kidding? It was an excuse for Beth, their mom, to get new clothes for the kids as well.

We had tons of fun while jamming to…who was it…Laurie Berkner? Anyways, you’d think I had been feeding Miss S a bagful of Halloween candy because she just started laughing like crazy at one point. This same little girl who a few years ago was terrified of me and of having her picture taken. She was being such a goofball, so don’t let the picture of her sleeping below fool you! Mister B on the other hand was pretty much cool, calm and collected the entire time. We even caught him standing on his own for a hot second!

Sorry kiddos-You know I love you both, but next time I see your mom, it’s going to be for some grown up, girl time that may or may not include an adult beverage or two! xoxo

Brother and sister Christmas photos

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