Miss E’s Not Quite 4 Month Session ~ Stony Creek, Shelby Twp.

Baby session at Stony Creek Metropark

I recently got the opportunity to meet Miss E the other day for her “almost four month” pictures. She has the cutest little red hair starting to come in…oh, and her little boots. So adorable! Anyways, we were also doing a big family portrait at the beginning of the session and it happened to be raining. Since rescheduling that amount of people wasn’t an option, we headed for cover, i.e. a good spot with a lot of coverage so that we could hid underneath and not get too wet. Thankfully, Stony Creek has plenty of places like that!

Miss E’s mom, Heide, had picked up this really cool suitcase that someone was pitching and because she is ridiculously good at this stuff, made it into the perfect prop for some pictures! As a side note, I also photographed their wedding and their handmade decorations were absolutely stunning-The best of any DIY wedding I’ve ever photographed. Anyways, Miss E’s sister, Miss K was there keeping her sister happy and smiling as well, although she didn’t have to work too hard keeping her happy until the end of the session, when Miss E made it clear that she had had enough and was DONE!

It was great getting to see the family again and I can’t wait to see Miss E as she gets bigger and bigger!

Miss E at Stony Creek with family

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