An amazing fall session ~ Stony Creek, Shelby Twp.

Baby girl fall pictures Stony Creek

Okay, so this little one is the reason behind my cuteness overload post. We had rescheduled this session a few times because of the miserable weather. I don’t know what the other sessions might have been like, but thank goodness that we waited to shoot this particular session because the stars were kind of in line. This sweet little peanut was as happy as could be even though the adults were all freezing and wondering what we were doing outside. Talk about the resilience of little ones.

Her dad was an absolute sweetie. He was pretty worried about how he looked, hoping to look absolutely great for the photos. His wife, on the other hand, was so laid back and, well, I admit, I kind of teased him a bit. But he was a great sport about it. If you want to know the truth, I wish that Paul cared enough about our photographs to worry like he did!

It was such a fun session. These guys were a blast to hang out with and I cannot wait to see them again! Aside from their having an absolutely gorgeous daughter, they were just all around good peeps. You know, the kind of people that I could totally see myself hanging out outside of work.

People like these guys make me remember why I love my job and my clients so darn much!


Family session at Stony Creek in the fall

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