Cupcake Smash Mini-Session ~ Studio Session, Macomb

Girl laughing during photo session in studio

Miss B visited the studio for a birthday mini-session. She was a little shy at first, but quickly got comfortable with cheezin’ it up in front of the camera. Her mom brought a cupcake for a “cake smash” type session. Little did we know that Miss B would be such a proper little lady and eat her cupcake without making a mess at all! We kept on telling her that she could make a mess, but she didn’t want to get all messy. I can’t say that I blame her to be honest. Actually, she pretty much ate the frosting off of the top of the cupcake and left the rest. Hey, she knows what she likes! I bet her parents had a hyper daughter on a sugar high for a little bit after our session.

Here’s to hoping Miss B had a wonderful, fun filled birthday!

Girl celebrating birthday with cupcake smash

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