Isabella’s Sweet 16 Birthday ~ Gowanie Golf Club, Harrison Twp.

Girl in dress for Sweet 16 birthday

Do you remember your 16th birthday? I can honestly say that I can’t even remember having a party or anything. Now, I’m sure I did, but I’ll have to ask my mom about that one. Now my 21st? Yeah, I remember that! šŸ˜‰ Buffalo Wild Wings with friends and family and then I think my friend Jessica came by and picked me up and we went out for round two. It was a good day. Well,Ā I recently had the chanceĀ to photograph Isabella’s Sweet 16 birthday party at Gowanie Golf Club in Harrison Twp. She looked beautiful in a purple gown and her long blonde hair falling in ringlets around her shoulders. The color theme for the party? Turquoise and plum. There was a delicious looking sweets table (everything was again, turquoise and plum) where Isabella’sĀ three-tiered birthday cake was set up in the center. It was decorated just right and you could tell by the smile on Isabella’sĀ face when she arrived, that she felt the same way too.

There was a large backdrop with two custom logos for her Sweet 16 where her friends and family lined up throughout the party to take pictures with her. You know, kind of the “walking the red carpet” style. Isabella went around the room chatting with her friends and family for a bit and then it was time for lunch, which consisted of a really yummy buffet of deli sandwich wraps, fresh fruit, veggies, pasta, salad and more. I think it’s safe to say that nobody left hungry!

After lunch, everyone just mingled and took goofy pictures in front of the backdrop. Everyone sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Isabella and the cake was whisked away to be cut into pieces. The sweets table was officially open and I have to say, it was a definite hit! Isabella also received a gorgeous Tiffany necklace from her family, as well as someĀ other gifts that you could tell she was really stokedĀ about (including an awesome Western Michigan t-shirt)! Happy Sweet 16th birthday Isabella! I hope it’s a great year.

Sweet 16 Birthday at Gowanie Golf Club

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