Nick + Jennifer ~ Clinton Township Civic Center Gazebo, Clinton Twp.

What a fun place for a small, intimate ceremony. Nick and Jennifer were married at the Clinton Twp. Civic Center gazebo off of Romeo Plank Rd. They were looking for coverage for their ceremony, with a few bridal portraits afterwards. It turned out that I had room in between a few other portrait sessions that day so I was able to be there to capture their ceremony at the Clinton Twp. Civic Center gazebo. I had never been there but it had a quaint old wood cabin and a few other lovely historical buildings that were a perfect backdrop for portraits after their ceremony.

I first saw Nick as I arrived. He was nervously pacing back and forth on the gazebo, eager for his bride to arrive. The video guys started attaching their microphone to Nick and it was officially go time for the ceremony. The guests all took their seats and the music started playing. Nick looked on, looking for his bride. Jennifer suddenly appeared and the nervousness instantly disappeared from Nick’s face. It was at that point that you could tell that everything was right in the world and his beautiful bride was on her way to him, ready to make him her husband and best friend, official for the entire world to know.

Their ceremony was simple and beautiful. They joined their families and their friends and families were there as witnesses and, well, it was pretty perfect. Paul and I had a small wedding ceremony as well and it was exactly what we had wanted, so I appreciated Nick and Jennifer’s ceremony all the more. Afterwards, we took some formals and some additional photographs around the grounds of the Civic Center and then Nick and Jennifer were off to their reception. I’m so blessed that I was able to be such an important part of their bug day and I wish them all the happiness that life has to offer!

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