Danielle’s Senior Pictures ~ Van Hoosen Farm and Downtown, Rochester Hills

Van Hoosen Girl with Dog

I loved Dani’s senior session. Why, you ask? Because it was just a blast to photograph and she and her mom were so much fun to hang out with! We started out at Van Hoosen Farm in Rochester Hills. Dani showed up in a cute blue dress and brown knee-high boots. Thankfully, it was pretty nice out and it hadn’t rained recently, so the farm wasn’t muddy or wet as we started out around the back of the barn. Let me tell ya…Dani had the posing thing down. We zipped though the photos of her in her dress and she switched to jeans and a super cute cardigan. My favorite outfit though, was the one that truly showed her personality-A plaid flannel, jeans and a knit hat. Oh yeah, did I mention that she brought her skateboard? I loved how she could change from super dressy to grunge girl in 2.5 seconds! Actually, she reminded me of myself back in high school. I’d mix it up like that as well. Except for the skateboard. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a HUGE klutz and wouldn’t last a minute on a skateboard without breaking my face. I’m. Not. Kidding. Ask Paul about me tripping and breaking my nose on the bannister that used to be in our house.

Anyways, enough embarrassing stuff about me. Dani’s dad showed up with her OMG, sweetest little girl Maggie. I want to steal her, she’s that adorable. Okay, well that would be mean and I’d never really do that, but you get what I mean. Plus, she posed SO much better than Cooper ever does for me! My favorite shot of the session has to be Dani kneeling down besides Maggie. It’s just the sweetest. But alas, we had pretty much scoured every inch of Van Hoosen Farm by then, so we decided to run to downtown Rochester and take a few more photos there. All in all, it was a great session and I had such a wonderful time Dani and her mom!

Senior Pictures at Van Hoosen 02 Van Hoosen Senior Pictures Senior Pictures downtown Rochester 02 Senior Pictures Downtown Rochester Van Hoosen Girl with Dog Van Hoosen Senior with Skateboard Senior Pics Van Hoosen 05 Senior Pics Van Hoosen 04 Senior Pics Van Hoosen 03 Senior Pics Van Hoosen 02 Senior Pics Van Hoosen 01

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