Eric + Jillian Engaged ~ Downtown Birmingham

My eyes scanned the small parking lot, where I had just taken the last spot, across the street from the Townsend Hotel near Shain Park. I started looking down the streets to see if anyone else seemed to be looking for someone. We had only talked over the phone. I wasn’t sure who I was meeting with. Well, I didn’t have anything to worry about. Eric and Jillian may have seen my picture on the website, or more likely saw this goofy woman holding a camera, because they made a beeline for me once they saw me. We started out with some pictures around Shain Park, making sure to avoid the yoga class being held on the main stage, and pretty much ventured all over downtown Birmingham.

I loved how playful these two were with each other. Jillian kept on cracking me up with her spontaneity and infectious laughter. Eric was a bit more shy and reserved. Hey, the old saying ‘opposites attract’ once again was proving itself  correct! My hubby and I are prime examples of the saying as well.

Here’s to Eric and Jillian and hoping that they live a long and wonderful life together. Thanks so much for having me along for part of your journey!

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