Playing at George George Park with Mister G ~Clinton Twp.

Mister G is a cutie. Let’s just get that out there. I mean, like he’s just full of adorableness. He looks at you and once he makes eye contract, he just breaks into his goofy little one year old grin. I’m smitten, I admit it! I think the reason for this is a combination of his playful personality, this awesome parents (two super nice people!) and the fact that he doesn’t have much hair at a year old. Why does this last fact matter to me? Well, because I didn’t have much hair at one year either. My mom had to make sure to dress me in “girly” clothes, because she got tired of people telling her what a cute little boy she had. There. My secret’s out.

So you see, Mr. G and I, well, we have a lot in common! Very little hair at that age, awesome parents…you get the idea! Seriously though, Mister G was a trooper for our session at George George Park and had a good time watching myself and his parents acting like complete goofballs, all in an effort to keep him smiling and laughing for his photos. You want to see a group of grown adults act like complete juveniles? Yeah, watch a little ones photo session. I would venture to guess we look and sound pretty ridiculous and I can only imagine what Mr. G was thinking of us!

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