My eyes scanned the small parking lot, where I had just taken the last spot, across the street from the Townsend Hotel near Shain Park. I started looking down the streets to see if anyone else seemed to be looking for someone. We had only talked over the phone. I wasn’t sure who I was […]

“I don’t know what to do…” Kelsey needn’t have worried about what to do or how to act for her and Kyle’s engagement session. Now, I’m not one for posing every single shot. I love capturing the feeling of a couple naturally. Yes, I’ll gently guide people when they need it, but I love more […]

couple dancing in field

Troy and Chelsea rock. These two are so much fun and it’s completely obvious that they are perfect for each other. Chelsea is absolutely beautiful, with a personality to match. She’s reminds me of myself: a huge outgoing goofball. Troy on the other hand reminds me of Paul, my hubby. Paul is the logical to my impulsive. Troy and […]

Couple at Stone Wall Van Hoosen

Getting to know Jackie was a blast from the very beginning. We had talked over the phone, but had been sending e-mails back and forth discussing her upcoming engagement session. Talk about an amazing personality!! Her excitement was infectious and I knew right away that we’d get along great. I couldn’t wait to meet her […]

Grungy engagement photo

Their wedding is going to rock. There, I’ve said it. It is going to be so laid back country that if moving around all day in my cowboy boots wouldn’t hurt so much at the end of the day, I’d gladly wear mine for their wedding. My cowboy boots are crazy comfortable, by the way! […]

Couple kissing under tree