Four Cuties: A Christmas Session ~ Washington Twp.

I received a call from Lisa, a local mom wondering if I was available to take Christmas photos at their house for their family as well as her friends little daughter. Little did I know I would meet four of the most adorable, charismatic kiddos ever! Lisa’s house was decorated perfectly for Christmas. Like, seriously. I wanted to steal her decorations and put them up at my house. They were that good. Her family room just shone with decorations hanging from the ceiling as well as perfectly placed stocking for she and her hubby, as well as her three amazing kids. They also had their tree up in the front room, decorated with care and looking like a million bucks. I’m not kidding when I say that I wanted to steal her decorations. My house paled in comparison to hers!

I started off with Lisa’s kids. There were three of them and they rocked. Mister A was little shy, but he still managed to get though his photos with no problem. Next, I took photos of her friends daughter. Serious squishy cuteness alert. She was most happy playing with the Christmas decorations and her moms costume jewelry. The four kids were jsut a blast to photograph and I can’t wait to see them next year!

Baby christmas 03 0102 2 family christmas at home little boy christmas 01 Baby girl christmas 01 Girl Christmas 01 Little baby christmas 02 Boy Christmas 02

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