I received a call from Lisa, a local mom wondering if I was available to take Christmas photos at their house for their family as well as her friends little daughter. Little did I know I would meet four of the most adorable, charismatic kiddos ever! Lisa’s house was decorated perfectly for Christmas. Like, seriously. […]

Mister G is a cutie. Let’s just get that out there. I mean, like he’s just full of adorableness. He looks at you and once he makes eye contract, he just breaks into his goofy little one year old grin. I’m smitten, I admit it! I think the reason for this is a combination of […]

Over the past few months I’ve been super busy getting work done around the house. You know, the super fun stuff like painting, installing flooring, and the list goes on…Needless to say, I’m behind on blog posts! Jeff and Lindsay got married a few months ago in the D. Lindsay’s sister has this kick-butt house […]

Wedding couple at Detroit Library

  Just wanted to share this image real quick from a session that I photographed over the weekend. It was too cute to resist! This little guy wasn’t really impressed with his first time venturing onto the grass. He kind of looked around a bit, unsure of how he felt about it. His sister did […]

I don’t know how their mom does it. These two are HUGE bundles of energy, let me tell ya. THE GOAL: To get one picture to use for Christmas cards and a picture of Mister B for his 3-year old picture. Any additional photographs were a bonus! Well, as you can see below, we got […]

Grinning brothers