Dan + Lauren ~ A Maternity Session at Waldenburg Park

pregnant couple

I had just gotten out of my car and grabbed my gear for Dan and Lauren’s maternity session at Waldenburg Park. You could tell right away that they were very much in love. Even before I crossed the parking lot, I had spotted them and they just looked so happy together. Lauren was beaming up at Dan, while Dan just looked like there was no other place on Earth that he would rather be than right there with her. Then I walked up and the little picture in my head was gone as their puppy decided to say hi to this stranger that was walking up smelling like a cat and a pug (that would be me). We grabbed a few quick pictures of Dan and Lauren with their pup and then shifted the focus to the two of them.

Lauren was so funny, explaining how neither of them had been planning on getting maternity photos, but how everyone had said that they HAD to get them done. So peer pressure won, and I’m sure glad that it did! They were adorable together and seriously just great, nice people. Their son is going to be one lucky little guy once he decides to come into our world! pregnant couple with dog pregnant couple parents holding baby shoes husband with pregnant wife pregnant wife with husband laughing couple touching pregnant belly mom looking down at pregnant belly Waldenburg Maternity 08 baby kicking

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