These two munchkins came over a while back for a studio session. It was my first time getting to meet Mister L (Bug) since he had been born. I first met their parents when I was lucky enough to photograph their wedding a few years ago. Talk about good people. Anyways, their mom and dad […]

Cute little boy in Michigan jersey

I don’t know how their mom does it. These two are HUGE bundles of energy, let me tell ya. THE GOAL: To get one picture to use for Christmas cards and a picture of Mister B for his 3-year old picture. Any additional photographs were a bonus! Well, as you can see below, we got […]

Grinning brothers

It was time again to photograph these two handsome guys (and their parents) for their annual family pictures! It’s crazy how much their youngest, Mister C, has changed over the past year. He was just as happy as could be during our session and was amazed with all of the leaves and the apples that […]

Brothers at park in the fall

I love these two munchkins. Lets just put that out there. These guys are like two peas in a pod, and always complete goofballs. I always look forward to their sessions so much because 1. The boys are just great, 2. We laugh tons, and 3. I love getting to hang out with their mom […]

Brothers in matching superhero capes