Christmas Pictures with the Derrick Boys ~ Studio Session, Macomb

Grinning brothers

I don’t know how their mom does it. These two are HUGE bundles of energy, let me tell ya. THE GOAL: To get one picture to use for Christmas cards and a picture of Mister B for his 3-year old picture. Any additional photographs were a bonus! Well, as you can see below, we got some great shots and, thankfully, we got everything covered that their mom was hoping for. We were able to get the Christmas pictures done quite easily and then all chaos erupted. There was a lot of running around because as you know, little brothers love to imitate their big brothers, and boys in general have tons of energy! These two were no exception. Their mom was trying to get them to chill so we could take more photos while I was attempting to cover up the fact that I was kind of giggling to myself because I love these two and was totally having fun with them. Christmas pictures with brothers I have two favorites from this session. I love the picture in the upper right with Mister N tied up in the lights, and I love love love the picture in the bottom right. This is a totally accurate depiction of the shoot, as well as the boys in general. They are such hams….Oh, but I love the look on Mister N’s face in the bottom left picture. He looks like he’s posing like, I don’t know, like he wants to sell you something or is running for office. I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy, but that pose just cracks me up. Anyways, hope you enjoyed checking these goofballs out! Until next time…

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