Tot & Bug ~ Studio Session, Macomb

Cute little boy in Michigan jersey

These two munchkins came over a while back for a studio session. It was my first time getting to meet Mister L (Bug) since he had been born. I first met their parents when I was lucky enough to photograph their wedding a few years ago. Talk about good people. Anyways, their mom and dad wanted some updated photos of them for the house. Anyone want to guess who their favorite college team is? Um, yeah…sorry State fans. ¬†Mister C (a.k.a.Tot) was cheezin’ it up for the camera and his little brother was only too happy to follow suit. You know, basically doing whatever his big brother did. Tot and Bug gave me lots sass and attitude throughout the entire session, and I loved every minute of it.

Can’t wait to see these two handsome guys (and their parents) again soon!

Brothers in U of M jerseys

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