Jim + Shannon ~ Stony Creek Engagement Session, Shelby Twp.

Couple kissing under tree

Their wedding is going to rock. There, I’ve said it. It is going to be so laid back country that if moving around all day in my cowboy boots wouldn’t hurt so much at the end of the day, I’d gladly wear mine for their wedding. My cowboy boots are crazy comfortable, by the way! Anyways, Jim and Shannon are an awesome, super laid back couple and even though the wind was blowing something fierce that day, we had a great time at their engagement session. You know, the one that came after the original session that we had to cancel due to torrential rain and thunderstorms. Because Michigan weather is fun and unpredictable like that…

First off, I have to tell ya, Shannon officially holds the reigning title of longest initial consultation for photography with me. We met up one weekday afternoon for coffee. Jim’s mom was supposed to be there as well, but she had gotten stuck in wonderful Hall Rd. traffic, so she was running behind. We chatted for a bit and then decided to get started and catch Jim’s mom up once she arrived. Before we knew it, we were pretty much done. Still no sign of Jim’s mom though. We reached her and she was a few minutes away, so we waiter for her to arrive and then caught her up on everything we had discussed. All in all, it was pretty long consultation, but just getting to hang out with Shannon was well worth it!

Fast forward to their engagement session at Stony Creek. Jim was a great sport about the pictures. Seriously. He really would have rather been doing anything else. Like hunting. Or even working. He seriously said that. BUT, because the love of his life wanted engagement photos taken, he was a great sport about it and went on an hour and a half walk around Stony Creek with his fiancee and their crazy photographer. Whatever-We had a blast! We were able to capture the last of the fall colors too, which was an added bonus since winter was right around the corner. Shannon gave him a break towards the end and let him switch to his camo shirt while she got into something a little more comfortable as well. In the end, the second time was a charm for this engagement session and we nailed it. I can’t wait for their wedding later this year!!

Engagement session at Stony Creek

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