Jeff + Lindsay ~ The Whitney, Detroit

Wedding couple at Detroit Library

Over the past few months I’ve been super busy getting work done around the house. You know, the super fun stuff like painting, installing flooring, and the list goes on…Needless to say, I’m behind on blog posts!

Jeff and Lindsay got married a few months ago in the D. Lindsay’s sister has this kick-butt house with tons of personality there where Lindsay got ready. I’m talking serious house envy. Exposed brick walls, amazing architecture, etc.  It was the perfect setting for Lindsay to get ready in. She looked absolutely stunning in her pink wedding dress-I mean, she seriously rocked it.

After Lindsay finished getting ready, we headed over to The Whitney, which was where their wedding ceremony and lunch reception were going to take place. Now if you haven’t been to The Whitney before, you should really go there at least once and check it out and have a delicious meal. It was built in 1894 and now hosts events, lunch/dinner and the Ghost Bar, which is a lounge on the third floor of the mansion.

There were around 100 guests there for the intimate ceremony and reception. Lindsay couldn’t stop giggling as she stood on the landing of the stairs as she and Jeff exchanged their vows. Jeff, on the other hand wasn’t giggling-He was just grinning and looking and his bride with pure happiness etched on his face. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed an amazingly delicious lunch while the speeches were made.  After Jeff and Lindsay’s send off at The Whitney, we stopped by the Detroit Public Library for a few more photos of the new Mr. and Mrs.  It was the perfect afternoon.

Congratulations again to the two of you and I hope married life is treating you wonderfully!

Pictures from a wedding at the Whiney Inn in Detroit

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