Early morning at the Park ~ Heritage Gardens, Shelby Twp.

boy leaning against metal wall

What better thing to do on a Sunday morning than take photos of these three cuties and their parents at Heritage Gardens?!  I can imagine it now..

Miss A, the oldest and self appointed person making sure that her brother and sister cooperate so everyone can get this over with and onto breakfast. She knows it’s the yearly photo session-She’s no noob. She knows her little brother is probably going to be a little stinker, as boys typically are, and she’s hoping her little sister keeps it together long enough to make it to the playscape. Miss Jen always ends their photo sessions with the playscape. 

Mister D, the middle sibling and the only boy besides his dad. He knows he has to hang out and take some pictures with his sisters, but all he really wants to do is play. He knows that he has to cooperate for a few photos, but he’s just itching to pick up that stick over there and battle the bad guys (quite possibly his sisters) with his impromptu light saber. 

Miss S, the youngest and of course the most innocent…Ha! She’s adorable and she knows it! She is curious about everything, and I mean EVERYthing. Her attention span isn’t nearly as long as her brother and sisters are, so she knows she’s going to make Miss Jen work for her photos. Good thing, as mentioned before, she’s so stinking cute!

I just adore these three. YES, they make me work for it, but I love every minute of it! At the end, we wanted to take a few quick photos of mom and dad without the munchkins. Want to know a secret? Miss S was screaming her pretty little head off while we were taking those last few photos. We were trying our hardest not to laugh, but yeah, it was kind of impossible not to. 🙂 Until next year!

Family at park in Shelby Twp. Girl standing in front of lake Siblings at lake on rock laughing brother and sister boy leaning against metal wall mother and daughter in embrace father and son in woods little girl on playscape

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