Kyle + Kelsey get engaged! ~ Stony Creek Metropark, Shelby Twp.

couple dancing in field

“I don’t know what to do…”

Kelsey needn’t have worried about what to do or how to act for her and Kyle’s engagement session. Now, I’m not one for posing every single shot. I love capturing the feeling of a couple naturally. Yes, I’ll gently guide people when they need it, but I love more than anything capturing a couple how they naturally are, in real life. Kyle and Kelsey are a perfect example of this. Kelsey didn’t need to worry about how to act or what to do. She and Kyle are so clearly in love and in sync that they just…well, they just flow. I know that may not make sense, but it’s how I can best describe them together. It’s like they kept on falling into their own little world throughout the session and forgetting that I was there. Which was just perfection. Seriously.

We hit up a few places around Stony Creek during our session, but I have to say that I love, love, love the photos of the two of them at the old entrance to the house and them in the field of grass. Why? Because I’m not there. It’s just the two of them. You can’t pose that! What’s your favorite? I’m hard pressed to pick just one, although I am a little biased! I seriously cannot wait to photograph their wedding next June. It’s going to be such a blast and we’re going to absolutely rock it!

engaged couple embracing engaged couple against wall couple kissing in field couple standing in field couple dancing in field couple in road at Stony Creek couple sitting and laughing at park engaged couple in forest at Stony Creek

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