“I’m hungry! Are we almost done?” Let me guess…you probably thought the person saying this was under thirty, right?  Normally, you’d be correct, but not this time! Scott, Mister X’s dad was actually the one ready to eat. Truth be told, both of them were. I’m married to Paul. I know how guys get when […]

smiling by at park

What better thing to do on a Sunday morning than take photos of these three cuties and their parents at Heritage Gardens?!  I can imagine it now.. Miss A, the oldest and self appointed person making sure that her brother and sister cooperate so everyone can get this over with and onto breakfast. She knows it’s the […]

boy leaning against metal wall

When Alison, Miss A’s mom, told me that it was time to schedule another session for family photos, I was so excited! You see, I’ve been friends with Alison and her hubby for years and I always love an excuse to see then, which unfortunately isn’t nearly enough. Having Miss A around is just a huge bonus […]

These two munchkins came over a while back for a studio session. It was my first time getting to meet Mister L (Bug) since he had been born. I first met their parents when I was lucky enough to photograph their wedding a few years ago. Talk about good people. Anyways, their mom and dad […]

Cute little boy in Michigan jersey

What a fun family! After I think two sessions that had to be rescheduled because of the wonderful Michigan rain, I was finally able to meet and photograph the Stoner family. Let me tell you about the kiddos. Mister B was just as cute as a button and definitely had that mischievous grin down to […]