What better thing to do on a Sunday morning than take photos of these three cuties and their parents at Heritage Gardens?!  I can imagine it now.. Miss A, the oldest and self appointed person making sure that her brother and sister cooperate so everyone can get this over with and onto breakfast. She knows it’s the […]

boy leaning against metal wall

It was a perfect afternoon for a session at the beach. The sun was shining, the flowers were in bloom and the beach looked inviting. I was looking around Metro Beach  (a.k.a. Lake St. Clair Metropark) near the area where I was supposed to meet Miss I and her parents. I spotted the most adorable […]

Girl eating strawberry

I’m so glad that the weather has finally warmed up around here. I honestly thought that the winter would never end. It was starting to get to me-I just wanted to be out in the sun where it’s warm, with flowers blooming and all of the good stuff that comes with the spring/summer time. Plus, […]

Boy in black and white at George George Park

Miss L, known to her family and friends as Little Bean, visited my place for a quick mini-session. Her dad had told me that she was pretty shy around people that she didn’t know. Boy, was he right! It took her about fifteen minutes to start warming up to me, but once she did, her […]

Little girl on wood floor

Miss B visited the studio for a birthday mini-session. She was a little shy at first, but quickly got comfortable with cheezin’ it up in front of the camera. Her mom brought a cupcake for a “cake smash” type session. Little did we know that Miss B would be such a proper little lady and […]

Girl laughing during photo session in studio