Mister G is a cutie. Let’s just get that out there. I mean, like he’s just full of adorableness. He looks at you and once he makes eye contract, he just breaks into his goofy little one year old grin. I’m smitten, I admit it! I think the reason for this is a combination of […]

What a fun place for a small, intimate ceremony. Nick and Jennifer were married at the Clinton Twp. Civic Center gazebo off of Romeo Plank Rd. They were looking for coverage for their ceremony, with a few bridal portraits afterwards. It turned out that I had room in between a few other portrait sessions that […]

“I’m hungry! Are we almost done?” Let me guess…you probably thought the person saying this was under thirty, right?  Normally, you’d be correct, but not this time! Scott, Mister X’s dad was actually the one ready to eat. Truth be told, both of them were. I’m married to Paul. I know how guys get when […]

smiling by at park

I’m so glad that the weather has finally warmed up around here. I honestly thought that the winter would never end. It was starting to get to me-I just wanted to be out in the sun where it’s warm, with flowers blooming and all of the good stuff that comes with the spring/summer time. Plus, […]

Boy in black and white at George George Park

Want to hear some awesome news? Eric and Kate are getting married next year! I’ve known Eric for years…maybe around ten years or so? He was friends with an ex-boyfriend of mine, which is how we met, but we found out he’s a long time friend of another friend of ours. Anyways, when I first […]

Couple at George George Memorial Park